Update: Konotop “Hearts of Love”

Renovation of the old building has begun. New construction is scheduled for May/June. Their goal is to keep classes going during the construction.

Konotop, Ukraine – We received this note recently from Lena, the director of the Hearts of Love Center in Konotop, Ukraine.  They are in the midst of renovating their building and are so thankful to God for our (and your) help. (follow the Center on Facebook)


Dear Friends,

We are praising God for His Mercy!  We have great news! We started renovation in our Center and also we plan on building an addition to the main building— the hall for big events and sports.  We have been praying for it for many years and now it became a reality.  It’s a miracle and answer from God to our prayers.  Our building really needed renovation and we also have been praying for new furniture, more comfortable for our children with special needs.

God always gives abundantly and Mercy Projects decided not only renovate the center, but also make a playground area for the children near the building.  We think it’s a miracle and still don’t believe although renovation is now going on. Thank you for your help and praying for us!

On the other hand, we cannot stop our classes.  Parents are afraid that if we stop it for a while, then children will lose abilities and skills they have acquired with so much hard work and effort.

We do not want to lose any progress that has been made with the children!  Thus, we are doing our best, working around the mess and the noise, to continue to teach the kids during renovation.

We know that God is good and merciful.  We are encouraged to follow Him in the simplicity of faith, and we will not be disappointed.  Thank you for helping and praying for us! Lena

Men and women volunteers assist with much of the work at the Hearts of Love Center. New flooring was badly needed.

Like to help the Konotop Renovation? 


A Special Thank You

The Hearts of Love Center is a very special and unique community.  They could not do what they do for special needs children without the support of their sponsors and other friends of MP who have given generously to assist them in renovating their center.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our friends at Lighthouse Christian Foundation who provided a generous grant to complete the construction project.  Lena reported they just received their building permit for the new construction / room addition.  She said, “Our permit was the only one issued at the meeting.  All others were put on hold.  We are so excited!”

Please consider giving to Konotop this new year and help continue and expand this wonderful ministry to kids with special needs and their families.