Yaroslav Danyl’chenko

Ukraine Child #42044 – $29 per month


Sergi and Yulia live in a small village Khomytets, Zhytomir region in Ukraine. They don’t have children of their own, but they have been guardians of five children of Yulia’s mother since 2003 because she didn’t care about them.

Yaroslav appeared in Sergei and Yulia’s family when he was 10 months old. At the very beginning everything was normal, the boy was going to the kindergarten and playing with other children. But one day parents noticed that one of his legs is shorter than other. They went to the clinic and the boy was diagnosed with Perthes Disease (disease of bone and joint system). It occurs mainly in children. The boy was not allowed to walk, only to get about on crutches. It didn’t help. They came to Kyiv and the doctors said that the boy needs three surgeries.

Yaroslav spent ten months in cast, one year and a half in bed, and his best day was when he was allowed to sit. He could not go to school for three years.

It is getting better now. Although Yaroslav is still handicapped, he goes to school, he likes singing and drawing. He loves football a lot, but he cannot play now. Sergiy and Yulia pray for his health and they believe that God will heal the boy.

Mercy Projects conducts a Child Sponsorship project in Ukraine to keep children at home with their mother or family members. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages and home with family. Child Sponsorship supports the entire family and is the first step to bringing hope and health to these needy children.

Sponsorship of Yaroslav would be a blessing and encouragement for this family.