Vitaliy Ivanchuk

Ukraine Child #42104 – $29 per month


More than twenty years ago Rita and Mykola got married in a small city Rivne, north-west of Ukraine and gave birth to two daughters, Zoryana and Diana. Mother Rita has been always open to listen about the Lord. In 2000 she was saved and accepted water baptism. Rita started new life with a Lord, she had hope that her husband would join and support her and family in the new life with faith and God.

During next nine years five more children were born in the family: Nazar, Myroslava, Olesya, Maksym, and Timofiy. After the birth of the last child – Timofiy – father started drinking and left the family. All the children missed the father badly and asked him to return home, which he did. And mother Rita accepted him, and they tried to have a new start, new life. Another child Vitaliy was born, but unfortunately nothing changed with father Mykola and his behavior. After a while he started drinking again and became violent with his wife. Rita applied to the court. There has been three long court sessions and finally Rita and Mykola have been officially divorced.

The family is in a very difficult situation now: there is no father, no alimony, mother doesn’t work, children are depressed because they wanted their father to be with them. They didn’t see the worst, what happened between their parents.

All children are very nice and relatively healthy except Timofiy. He has inherited chest deformity and needs a lot of medical care. The whole family goes to local Evangelical church, they pray for peace in Ukraine and for their father to accept the Lord.

Sponsorship of Timofiy would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.