Rustam Stepchuk

Ukraine Child #42121 – $29 per month


Rustam’s family consists of his father and mother and ten children. Today, there are only six children living at home. The older children have married and have their own families in different locations than this home. The family lives in a four-room house in the area affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which leaves the children with poor health and being sick a lot. Rustam is the youngest child. Health-wise Rustam doesn’t have problems, just has a sixth finger on his palm, which doctors suggested to remove.

His parents are retired and receive pension. This is a united and loving family. They are Christians and regularly attend a local church. The children sing in the church choir. Rustam attends school. His favorite thing to do is to play outdoors.

The family asks for prayer for the health and for peace in Ukraine. Sponsorship would be a blessing and encouragement for this family.