Perepelitsa Family

Ukraine Family #41492 – $29 per month


Eduard and Olga Perepelitsa are loving Christian parents. And they are not finished. They had their youngest son in June 2012.

Eduard’s father is a pastor. This family is made up of dedicated believers who all attend church regularly. The children were brought to them by the local authorities and they have gladly opened their hearts and home for these “social orphans.”

The Perepelitsas formed a network of three foster families under the guidance of father/pastor Anatoliy Perepelitsa. When the children grow up, they will know pastor Anatoliy as their grandfather and will live with his family in the village of Dumantsi outside Cherkassy. This will allow Eduard and Olga to take more children into their home.

They not only provide shelter and love, they also have arranged for Christian mentors to help with the children. The children are loved and happy and you can see the difference that Christ’s love is making in them. When their younger son Yan was on the way, his brother David’s prayer was, “Jesus, I thank you for my brother. Bless him to be born hearing and able to be a translator like Mom. Amen.” And now they see how prayer works.

Father Eduard doesn’t hear and is considered to be handicapped. Mother Olga is a signer. Yan, although little, already understands that he must appeal to his dad with gestures, as well as to siblings Evelina and David. He gets gestures very quickly, they didn’t have to teach him how.

Both mother and father put their trust in the Lord. “Any kind of help will be a great support to us,” said Eduard.