Nazariy Chepur

Ukraine Child #41932 – $29 per month

Nazariy was born in the family of handicapped parents: his mother has her bowels removed and his father is in a wheelchair. He is their second child. The first girl died when she was one year and one month old.

Nazariy was born prematurely and the doctors wouldn’t give him a lot of chances to survive but he is growing and developing. He has health problems though: he has a cyst in his right kidney and on the head, they are benign angiomas.

Nazariy is a very sociable and agile child; he says that everything will be fine. He likes to draw, to write, to color and, of course, to play with toy cars. Nazar attends basketball class. On the fourth of August, 2017 Nazar’s mother had two twins, the girls were named Valeria and Kateryna. Nazar wants to be a firefighter or a policeman when he grows up.

Despite their problems, they are not dejected; this family attends church and Nazariy is a student at Sunday school. They ask you to pray for their family to be healed and for peace in Ukraine.