Bogdan Lyubysh

Ukraine Child #42054 – $29 per month


Bogdan lives with his mother, older sister and grandmother in a small three-room apartment. His father has been a volunteer in war in Eastern Ukraine for more than two years. Unfortunately during this time Bogdan’s parents got divorced. Father doesn’t have a place to live and when he comes from the war zone for rehabilitation, he lives at the same apartment.

Bogdan has good relationships with his father but he doesn’t understand why did he leave the family. And it is a big wound in his heart. The boy is very smart and talented. He helps his friends with studies and likes sports very much – football and chess are his favorite. When he grows up Bogdan wants to be a football player. But he also likes art and reading.

Bogdan’s older sister Anastasia has mental retardation. Bogdan loves her very much and asks to pray for her healing.

Bogdan is very active member of Ivankiv Christian Center’s “Evening High School for Teenagers” supported by Mercy Projects. The purpose of the Center is to promote all-around development of children by giving them knowledge of human values, Bible principles, and computer skills. At the Center, children receive English language lessons, computer lessons, culture communication, etiquette, and Christian studies. He visits all the classes and helps others if they need something.

Please, pray for this family, for peace in Ukraine, for health and healing of Anastasia. Sponsorship of Bogdan would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family.