Anastasia Gavrylyako

Ukraine Child #41451 – $29 per month


Anastasia lives in a small town in the northern part of Ukraine. Nastya’s (short for Anastasia) mother works as a store cleaner. Her parents are divorced. Health-wise Nastya doesn’t have problems.

Nastya attends school. Her favorite school subject is Ukrainian. In her free time she likes to skate. Last year Nastya learned archery. She wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up.

Mercy Projects conducts a Child Sponsorship project in Ukraine to keep children at home with their mother or family members. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages and home with family. Child Sponsorship supports the entire family and is the first step to bringing hope and health to these needy children.

Nastya and her mother attend church and the mother sings on the worship team. It is Calvary Chapel which was started by an American missionary couple in their town and is now run by a local pastor.

Please pray for Nastya’s mother to get a better job, for her to have wisdom in raising her daughter, and for peace in Ukraine.