November 2017

As a child, there was a time when my family was considered poor.  Next month I will share that story. One thing, however, that we learned during our time of financial struggle was that being together as a family is what we as children wanted most. Nothing could replace our yearning to be reunited with our parents and live at home with them. (but more on that next month.)

At Mercy Projects, our “child sponsorship” ministry is really a “family sponsorship” ministry.  One of our main goals is to assist families to raise their kids and provide a stable and safe home for at-risk children. It is a family focused, Christ-centered ministry.

Whether they have two parents, one parent, a grandparent, or have a large family, our first goal is to make sure they are safe and fed. Sponsors are literally keeping kids at home and out of an orphanage. That is why sponsorship is so important. As the annual Christmas project begins, child sponsors are truly giving the hope and love of Christ all year long!

Celebrating Christmas With At-risk Kids

I didn’t attend a Christian camp as a child. My parents were not believers. I admit however, to being jealous when I see the kids having so much fun like the tug-of-war game in this picture. They are so appreciative for the opportunity to attend camp. Many of the kids come from small towns or villages where only an Orthodox church is present. Thus they desperately look forward to this time of fun, making friends, and growing in their faith.

This year we hope to bless 750 young people in Ukraine with gifts of love and of course, the greatest gift of God’s love. We have presents chosen that will bless the whole family. In Kosovo your Christmas support will provide warmth for the poor.

Every year we spend every dime that comes in to bless as many people as possible. All support is collected in the Christmas Fund and then distributed among these projects in Ukraine and Kosovo. About $35,000 is needed in total for these projects. Thank you again for your faithfulness and love for the poor in Ukraine and Kosovo!


firewood-icon-2016Winter Camp: Where Kids Grow in Faith ($150 week)

As children we receive gifts and that experience is always pretty exciting. As adults, we try to give gifts that bring joy and meaning. A gift of Winter Camp does just that. It provides a lasting spiritual impact on young people’s lives worth far more than the cost of $150 for an entire week.

This year 80 young people hope to attend the camp in January 2018. The Winter Camp takes place during the Ukrainian Christmas on January 7th. A young camper remarked, “I look forward every year and pray that I get chosen for camp! Thank you!”


Sheets & Sweets – $25 ea (Christmas Gifts For the Whole Family)

The annual MP Christmas Project begins now!  We are thrilled again this year to bless hundreds of kids and their families with practical gifts that the whole family will enjoy. Our Ukraine office is purchasing nice bed sheets for every family and child in our program. These high quality sheets are a “favorite” of our many single mothers. They are a luxury item for families and are a gift that “keeps on giving” all year long.


backpack-icon-2016Firewood & Heat – $75 = 1 month(Keeping Widows and Poor Families Warm)

The firewood project is meant to provide heat for homes in Kosovo. Most families heat one room in winter with a wood burning stove. The kids huddle together in the one room for warmth. Many sleep in this room as well. With your help, the MP Christmas Fund will provide 3 months worth ($225) of firewood to many families. A single gift of $3500 would provide all of the wood and delivery costs for the families in Kosovo.


Our staff has started shopping to get the best deals. Firewood has to be ordered right away. The Winter Camp must be reserved. We appreciate your generous help!


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