Nastya Shares Her Heart

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I come from a family of five children which is large in our country. My brothers used drugs. My father wasn’t around much. We were very poor. Mercy Projects found a sponsor for our family in the USA when I was six. At ten years old I visited the summer camp of Mercy Projects and found God in my life. I got saved and started praying for my brothers.”

Nastya’s sponsors helped her attend university in the MP Scholarship program for children. “We never dreamed/ that any of our children would have had an opportunity to go to the University,” said Nastya’s mother Lyudmila.

Now Nastya is a newlywed and serving the Lord in her church while still attending school.

Nastya shared; “Everything I have in my life, I got because of the Lord and Mercy Projects. I have my faith, my education, my saved brothers, my family, my friends. You are doing such a great thing, that maybe you even don’t realize, how important it is.”


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