Origami and Heaven

Yesterday was the last day of camp; and it was also the last day of Origami. We started the class &h... Continue

One Big Family

Camp is coming to an end soon. And though we are tired and worn out from long hours of being &hellip... Continue

Bonfires at Camp in Ukraine

We had another great day at Camp on Thursday. Very busy!!! During exercise, we used music to get eve... Continue

Learning of Miracles

“We had another great day at camp today. I led the bible study on the miracle of the five loav... Continue

American Joins Ukrainians

Summer Camps in Ukraine are here! Our staff is diligently working to make these camps possible witho... Continue

Well Fed in Ukraine

Winter Blog Post: Our internet has been down for a couple dates. Today is Jan 8 and the last full &h... Continue

New Friends in Ukraine

Winter Ukraine 2014 -“Hello family and friends! Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine! It has been gett... Continue