March 2017

James 1:26-27   The cause of the widow and the orphan is special to God’s heart

37-year-old Ajne with her four boys and one girl wearing sandals and jackets in front of their uninhabitable village home.

Visiting Widows this February in Kosovo

Ajne Sopaj lives in the village of Guncat, in the central Malisheve region of Kosovo. This picturesque hamlet, dotted with small homes and dirt roads, is where her husband lived with her and the family until his death from cancer four years ago.

Ajne suffers from psychological trauma, making her essentially unable to fully engage with people. She suffers from what appears to be PTSD. Her 15-year- old daughter, Mirjeta, takes on much of the responsibility for the family today. Mirjeta is very smart and a good student. She attends the MP English school.

A New Home for Ajne is Needed Urgently
The home pictured at right (and in the background in the photo above) was built by Ajne’s father-in-law more than 80 years ago. The dilapidated home has no insulation, no running water, and a single electric line. A neighbor couple sacrificially opened their dwelling to Ajne this winter. The couple moved to a warmer apartment for the winter months while Ajne and her children stayed in their village home. This arrangement will end in April or May.

The good news is that Ajne already has her own land in the same village, registered in her name. Her brothers legally put this small housing lot in her name should an organization like Mercy Projects be able to assist her in building a small home.

Take a Video Tour of the House

A local home builder estimates $30,000 or more will be needed to construct a new home. Please pray with us for this project. We are confident the Lord desires to provide a home for Ajne and her five children.


Support for Ajne and Widows Like Her is More Than Financial

New missionary Nela collecting information about Ajne’s family from 15-year-old Mirjeta. Mirjeta looks forward to each visit.

Ajne Sopaj receives 100 euros per month as social welfare and 50 euros per month ($65) from MP sponsors for groceries to feed her children. The family barely survives from this support yet they are extremely grateful for it. Ajne cannot express her feelings about what the support means to her.

Nela (Antonela) and her husband Byli (Bylbyl) are new missionaries working with MP in Kosovo. Nela grew up in Albania, and her family found faith in Christ when missionaries shared the gospel with them. She and Byli are excited to now serve the Lord and the people of Kosovo with Mercy Projects.

Nela and Byli speak the language, come from poor families themselves, and have a passion to serve the poor. Widows like Ajne and her daughter Mirjeta desperately cling to the friendship, love, and moral support that Nela and Byli provide.

Defending Widows Means More Than Survival

Currently, Ajne survives with the help of her daughter, the support of her sponsors, and this old, rusted wood- burning stove. Ardinis, her 15-year-old son, has a learning disability and her other boys are delayed developmentally.

Ajne’s stove provides heat for cooking and for the home. She is thankful to have it.

Building a home for Ajne means not only a permanent place, but a future home for her children after they grow up. With the help of Nela, Byli, and Pastor Urim from the church, we hope to assist these children with their education and further social development. A new home will give them a new outlook, hope for the future, and knowledge that the God of the Bible has heard their prayers.

I hope you will join us in not only praying for Ajne and other widows like her, but also in building a home for her. This is the type of investment in God’s kingdom that brings meaning to the words, “To defend widows and orphans in their distress.” These words, found in James 1:26-27, mean that the widow and orphan have no one to stand up for them.

I hope you will join your hearts with us to build a home for Ajne and her family. Thank you.

Please Pray. Please give towards this urgent cause:


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