Jeff and Paula Update

I had to remove a back wheel to access the hidden compartment for Bibles and information. The border guards did not suspect the vehicle (Citroen) at the time.

Many years ago, we (Jeff and Paula) lived in West Berlin as missionaries smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain.  Here is my wife Paula in one of the vehicles we used back then.  I love this picture!

On a Personal Note

Your partnership in spreading the gospel with Paula and me both humbles us and brings us great joy.  I believe that God has begun a “good work” in the ministry of Mercy Projects, and together, with your prayers and support, we trust He will carry it on to completion.  We are confident in God alone.  Thank you again for your trust and confidence in the Lord­­ and in us.

Jeff and Paula Update – Family News

Our oldest son, Joel, lives in Orange County and
has started three CrossFit gyms.  Our younger son, Grant, is an EMT, and both boys are involved in ministry.  Our two daughters have given us nine wonderful grandchildren.  Our oldest daughter,
Lindsey, lives in Alaska with husband Dan and three grandchildren we dearly miss.  Our daughter Danielle had her sixth child this year–a happy boy named Malachi.  We love having them live so close to us.

We have six grandchildren in California and three in Alaska. Here we are with four of our “local grandkids”.

Between mission trips, Paula and I serve full-time with MP; we volunteer on the board of The Lighthouse Charitable Foundation; serve with Safe Families for Children in the Inland Empire; and most importantly,
I attend as many Pony League practices and games as possible.

From the days of smuggling Bibles across unfriendly borders to sharing the gospel with at-risk children, we are amazed at all God has done.  Your support and encouragement make it possible.  You are part of the MP family.

How is the MP Ministry Doing?  We Are Growing… Older!

The MP ministry is growing older (22 years in Ukraine; 36 years since inception), and as we age so do the children in our child sponsorship program.  The first generation of children have grown up and now we often hear, “Thank you for helping me go to college.”  As you may know, we offer college scholarship assistance to select graduates from the sponsorship ministry.  They must exhibit strong Christian character and a desire to study further.  Our goal is to develop strong Christian leaders who will lead their families and communities to follow Christ.

At last year’s Winter Camp, “child sponsorship” teens are training to become future counselors.

Ministries Supported by Sponsors Include:

  • Child Sponsorship  – Assist families to raise children, keeping them out of orphanages.
  • Family Sponsorship  – Assist large families; families with handicapped children; foster families; war- affected children; and widows.
  • Camp Ministry  – At camps we share the gospel and make disciples.  This is where young people come to know the Lord and learn to serve Him.
  • Student Sponsorship  – Provide scholarship assistance to develop strong Christian leaders.  College expenses, however, cost much more than regular child sponsorship support.
In Ukraine, we have full and part time staff, volunteer staff, former sponsored children, and crazy counselors who love at-risk children.

End of Year Ministry Needs = (Budget Shortfall)

We are preparing for the annual MP Christmas camp in January in Ukraine.  Our wonderful and crazy staff there are supported through your giving.  They faithfully serve God and the at-risk children, families, and students in our program.

At this moment in time, we are $12,000 short of completely making our budget for 2016.  This includes Sponsorship Ministries, Winter Camp, Christmas presents, and all of the “extra” special needs that arise but are not planned in the budget.

God has begun a good work, and as He provides we hope to complete the year (before Dec 30th) out of debt.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas season.
God is faithful and He is changing lives because of your partnership.


Please Consider Giving and furthering the Ministry of Mercy Projects