God’s Money Does Matter

Mercy Projects operates with a small office in southern California and approximately 15% administrative expenses. We provide a nice and efficient workplace for our employees and keep overhead costs to a minimum. We support and equip at-risk young people for a lifetime of health, hope, and serving others. We endeavor to be good stewards of the funds our donors entrust To us. We are accountable both to God and to our supporters, and we appreciate your trust and support!

Financial Stewardship

financial stewardship
MP director Jeff at a home we were building in Kosovo.

At Mercy Projects we take financial stewardship seriously. This is a very important topic for us as it probably is to you.

Jeff and Paula Thompson started Mercy Projects (formerly EEO) in 1980, the year they got married. The first donors were friends and family who attended their wedding. They have always felt a keen sense of responsibility for the donated funds given to the ministry.

Financial stewardship is important because we are ultimately serving God, using His money supplied by our donors, who desire to assist the poor and share the Gospel. Saving money and keeping expenses low means more resources for the poor.  We hope that our commitment to serve at-risk children is reflected in our financial stewardship. Thank you for placing your trust in Mercy Projects.

Your financial and prayer support is vital to serving at-risk children and we are partners in God’s Kingdom. Our ministry as an extension of the hearts and hopes of all those who support MP. We are grateful for each donation, large or small. To keep ourselves accountable to the public, we joined the ECFA and adhere to their 7 Standards of Fund Raising. We must also renew our membership each year. The ECFA is a great organization dedicated to honesty and integrity.

You may learn more about the ECFA here: Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability 

MP operates with a small staff and we keep overhead and administrative costs in the 10-15% range. This means that each year approximately 80-90% of income is used in ministry programs. 

We are serving God together with you. We share the hope of the gospel, knowing Jesus Christ, and making disciples for Him is our priority. With your help, thousands of young lives are being transformed in Eastern Europe. Thank you for standing with us. We are gladly available to answer any questions.

Please note our most recent Financial Statement and Federal Form 990.

2016 – 990 Public_Mercy Projects

2015 Mercy Projects Financial Statement